Call For Artists

The City of Flagstaff, jointly with JLB Project, Inc., is seeking to commission a sculptor/artist to create an enduring, memorable sculpture to celebrate and recognize all babies and children who have passed on before us, regardless of age or circumstance.



The sculpture will be the centerpiece of the Children's Garden gathering space – a place for contemplation, reflection, and play – and will be the physical and conceptual heart of the garden.

The City envisions it to conceptualize a spiritual release.

The sculpture will be located atop a partially forested kill in the center of Foxglenn Park from which visitors can see panoramic views of the San Francisco Peaks and Mt. Elden.

You can read more about The Children's Garden here.



The Sculpture shall be approximately 15 feet tall, integrate color, and should call to mind stars and constellations — a common theme featured throughout the Garden. Moving or spinning elements are also encouraged. Artists shall note that one of the Garden’s primary purposes is to be a setting where children can use imagination and unstructured play as a means to remember their lost siblings and companion(s) and celebrate their shared time together. The Sculpture shall reinforce this purpose.

The Sculpture:

a. Is envisioned to conceptualize a spiritual release.
b. Shall promote childlike wonder and playfulness.
c. Shall emphasize spontaneous play instead of programmed behavior.


d. Shall not be overly refined, monumental, or heavy.
e. Shall not incorporate religious iconography.
f. Shall stand the test of time and age gracefully.
g. Ideally should demonstrate either in form and/or material, a relationship with the Garden’s features, especially the memorial wall.
h. Will be vandal resistant and withstand extreme environmental conditions (freezing, extreme temperature fluctuations, high winds, etc.)
i. Will be accessible for maintenance and upkeep.
j. Will not pose a risk of injury to the public (sharp points, slip hazards, etc.)
k. Will incorporate materials, fabrication techniques, finishes and coatings consistent with industry standards that result in an easily maintainable work of art.



Initial Applications due – 4/6/2017 (3pm Arizona Time)

Initial Offers evaluated - 4/10/2017

Finalists notified – 4/11/2017

Finalists Offer due – 6/5/2017 (3pm MST)

Finalists Offers evaluated & Artist Selected – 6/12/2017

City Council Review/approval Contract – TBD (Summer 2017)

Notice to Proceed issued – TBD (Summer 2017)